For the record, I am being threatened by an attorney. Sunday, Sep 30 2012 

A few days ago, I exposed @RealtinConnor, for who he really is.  Of course, as expected, he denied it.  But this post isn’t about him at all. 

Since that post went up, I’ve received several threats like the one below, from @heatherr_parker, an attorney.


And she has followed up, by tweeting trial balloons whenever I tweet the link to the post about @realtinconnor.  The links in the tweets, lead to pictures like these. 


The first picture is what I used as my twitter profile picture in the past.  The second, I’m guessing, is a picture from a crawfish boil here at home.  Both, @heatherr_parker found on the interwebz.  And I know she’s also discovered my last name, probably my previous last name, and my maiden name as well.  I’m sure she knows exactly where I live, and what I do for a living. 

Why she would do this over a blog post which had nothing to do with her, and one that @RealtinConnor has consistently denied, is the question.

Oh wait, I know. It’s her attempt to intimidate me into silence, because she thinks she can.  Not unlike Barack Obama is doing to hard working Americans, she is attempting to force me into submission. 

I exposed @RealtinConnor because he is a fraud.  Heather Parker is threatening to expose me, simply because she’s a busy-body with nothing better to do than dig up real life information on conservative pro-lifers.  It’s not the first time, and I’m sure it wont be the last.


@blackdove78 is telling @mjbyars, that @heatherr_parker is planning on digging up @moronicquotes personal info.  What was this in response to?  You see, @mjbyars issued a public death threat against @moronicquotes.  You can read about that here.

It’s a sad world when liberals protect domestic terrorists, by becoming one themselves.


The Real @RealtinConnor Sunday, Sep 23 2012 

Some of you may remember awhile back, when someone on twitter, named @RediscovrngRyan “pre-tweeted” @RealtinConnor with the following:

ryan tweet

@RealtinConnor immediately followed the tweet with this.

realtin tweet

Anyone who uses TweetDeck for more than one Twitter account, knows it’s an easy mistake to make.  For context, here’s a screen-shot of part of the conversation as it happened. As always, the most recent tweet is at the top, so start reading from the bottom!

ryan realtin

Why am I posting this?  Well, one of @RealtinConnor’s favorite things to do, is to call pro-lifers’ dishonest.  For someone who’s twitter profile is a complete façade, he’s got no right to call anyone else dishonest. 

@RealtinConnor, as we all know, is pretty slick when it comes to twisting others words, but as with the tweet above, he does make mistakes.  He’s left a trail to who he really is, for those (like me) who choose to follow it.  So let’s follow that trail, shall we?

@RediscovrngRyan locked his twitter account within hours of the tweet mishap.  Surprised? Me neither.  But his profile, as seen below, does link to his blog.


So let’s go to his blog.


I left the picture of Colby, cause he’s really cute. I’ve always had a soft spot for beagles!  As cute as he is, the point of the pic is the twitter-feed on the right.

A few weeks ago, it looked a little different.


You see the tweet about the airport?  Yeah, I did too!  The link goes here.


Let’s go further, clicking on his picture.


Do you see the social media links?  Yeah, I did too.  Of course the twitter link goes to his twitter account.  So lets look at the Facebook link instead, shall we?


Ryan Cooley has 30 friends on Facebook.  So I clicked on a few of his friends pictures, and discovered this one.


Note that Laura is in a relationship with Ryan Cooley. Sweet!  Then note where Laura is from. North Carolina.  So now we know how Ryan errrr @RealtinConnor, came up with NC as where he lives.  We all know Ryan is a staunch pro-choice, pro-gay, feminist kind of guy.  Well, I researched Laura and honestly didn’t find much.  Except for this, that is.


As if the program title doesn’t tell us enough, her contribution is titled: “The Woman in Captivity: Female Bodies in the Creation of America”.  This leaves no doubt as to the extent of her views on feminist issues.

And I did mention pro-gay, so let’s look at that.  This is a picture of her little boy, at a gay pride parade in Montreal.


I don’t have a problem with people being gay.  I have a problem with parents trying to teach small children that being gay is normal, and should be accepted as such.

So back to Ryan. What have I found out his employment (he purports to be a doctor, a PhD)?  NOTHING!!!  I did find a professor, a real PhD, that I suppose could be his dad.


And… I found Kieran Cooley, who is a naturopathic doctor.


The hat and shirt pictured below, were birthday gifts to Ryan from Kieran.


Funny how a beard and a hat can change what someone looks like, isn’t it?  What is consistent, is the watch on the left wrist, and the chain bracelet on the right.

This is most likely where he sits while spamming pro-lifers.



What I’ve found out about Ryan, is that he’s extremely emotional, to a fault.  His relationship with Laura is on and off.  He questions the need for 3rd party intervention, a counselor.  I haven’t seen any mention of he and Laura being married, or of him being the father of her son. I’ve seen no mention of an adopted child, unless he counts a rescued bunny rabbit named Fuzzbutt as a child.  He’s not from North Carolina, he’s from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  And I’m guessing he’s not a doctor at all, though he pretends to be one on twitter.

So the next time you debate @RealtinConnor on twitter, you’ll be armed with knowledge about who he really is, not who he purports to be.

How Liberal’s Argue Sunday, Sep 16 2012 

This is the entire conversation. Read it from the bottom up.


So, if you’re a liberal, that’s what you do. Call someone hateful, destructive and misguided, and when they ask based on what, state you have no interest in a dialog.  Right?

Tuesday, Sep 4 2012 

Pssst.. Only a moron would believe that #proabortion wasn’t intentionally pasted in on that post. The point was, if you can be #progay, you should be able to OWN #proabortion, but the pro-aborts dont. Thank you for playing @MoronicProlife, LOL.



Here’s the real tweet

@atemsdestinee I save my pity for the victims of #RWNJ logic. @izzyjsmom#prochoice#progay

— Moronic Prolife (@MoronicProlife) September 2, 2012


As you can see, Snapper resorts to bad photoshop in order to be a lying cuntbag. Congrats on your official liar status.

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Who Says Pro-Choice Is Not Pro-Abortion? Monday, Sep 3 2012 


It took a real moron to use the hashtag “progay”, so I’ll play.

As I’ve always said, if people can be “pro-gay”, people can be “pro-abortion”.  Funny how pro-choice absolutely despises that term.  Even they won’t own up to the fact that they advocate the slaughter of innocent unborn human beings.

Monday, Sep 3 2012 

An exorcist? I mean really, does she actually think #prolife acutally thinks the baby is talking? Geez.. Do they have a school that teaches pro-aborts to be that stupid?


Idiotic prolife trolls keep posting this ridiculous picture. If why wife or daughter had an embryo speaking to her I would be taking her straight to a doctor or an exorcist!

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What a MORON!!! Monday, Sep 3 2012 


Sunday, Sep 2 2012 

Pro-choice denies that the term ‘children’, includes both the born, and the unborn. Truth is, they don’t see human fetuses as children at all. It makes it easier to kill them in utero.


Pull the other leg creep, it has bells. I suppose that’s why prolife consistently try to get rid of aid programs for pregnant women and the children that already exist when they vote.

Like most prolife trolls, he’s completely ignorant of biology. If a woman has a child running around in her uterus I highly recommend seeing a doctor!

As for this last one, he really doesn’t want me to go there.

My wife was laughing her ass off at this troll!

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Pro-Liar Omitting Context? Sunday, Sep 2 2012 


Omitting the context of the conversation, can lead one to believe what the author wants people to believe. Here’s the tweet I was referring to.


The best way to give children the best life possible, is to let them live, rather than killing them by abortion.  Pro-choice advocates killing them in utero.  Your children will not have a life at all if you kill them.

Ironic Sunday, Aug 12 2012 

Ironic that an ad for Obama was displayed on the page with the definition of ‘fascism’?


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