I thought pro-choicer’s were critical thinkers, but this is proof they’re not.  In a ‘conversation’ with @heatherr_parker, she’s citing a poll, and trying to convince me that more Americans want abortion legal in all circumstances, than want it to be illegal in all circumstances.


So, 26.5% want abortion to be legal in ALL circumstance.  This would include abortion for ANY reason, at ANY point in a woman’s pregnancy.  In other words, 26.5% of people believe it’s acceptable to kill an almost full term perfectly healthy fetus. 

On the other hand, a small 14.5% want abortion illegal in ALL circumstances.  This would include ectopic pregnancy, which can be deadly for the mother if not taken care of. 

What Heather is over-looking is that the vast majority of people, the other 59%, DO NOT support abortion for any reason, though they *may* support it in some circumstances. 

It’s clear that most people believe that exceptions to abortion laws should be in place.  For me personally, it’s only for the life of the mother.  Others support exceptions for rape and incest.  Others still, support exceptions for fetal abnormalities.

Focusing on the extremes, and ignoring the majority is so like pro-choice, isn’t it?