This is an example of pro-choice liberals twisting the meaning of words, to suit their pro-abortion agenda. 

A Twitter conversation I had recently with an @LeahNTorres, an abortionist, resulted in the following tweets.

imageYeah, we know it’s all about the woman’s life already.  They intentionally kill their unborn babies to preserve their “lifestyle”, not their life. 

And then there was this tweet.  Judah tried to school me on what “elective” is.image

Apparently, he didn’t read the Wiki he cited. More on that in a minute.

So according to Dr. Abortionist, a c-section not performed out of medical necessity, i.e. not having a medical indication, is an elective surgical procedure, but an abortion which is not performed out of medical necessity, and with no medical indication, is not an elective surgical procedure?  Sure, in her pro-abort mind maybe.

The wiki her friend links to is here.  Obviously he didn’t read it first.

Elective surgery or elective procedure (from the Latin eligere, meaning to choose[1]) is surgery that is scheduled in advance because it does not involve a medical emergency.

Abortion is rarely (or never) performed because of a medical emergency.

Elective surgeries include all optional surgeries performed for non-medical reasons, i.e., cosmetic surgery. They also include most surgeries necessary for medical reasons.

So yeah, abortion is most definitely an elective surgical procedure.  They are pre-scheduled, and not medically necessary.  But who trusts Wiki right?  What does a medical dictionary say about elective surgeries? 


“Beneficial to the patient but not essential for survival”

What’s the benefit to the patient?  She doesn’t have to be responsible for the life she took part in creating.image

Surgeons perform elective surgeries every day. Some, like you, take the entire lifetimes of others by performing elective abortions.  I wonder how many lifetimes she’s stolen so far?