A few days ago, I exposed @RealtinConnor, for who he really is.  Of course, as expected, he denied it.  But this post isn’t about him at all. 

Since that post went up, I’ve received several threats like the one below, from @heatherr_parker, an attorney.


And she has followed up, by tweeting trial balloons whenever I tweet the link to the post about @realtinconnor.  The links in the tweets, lead to pictures like these. 


The first picture is what I used as my twitter profile picture in the past.  The second, I’m guessing, is a picture from a crawfish boil here at home.  Both, @heatherr_parker found on the interwebz.  And I know she’s also discovered my last name, probably my previous last name, and my maiden name as well.  I’m sure she knows exactly where I live, and what I do for a living. 

Why she would do this over a blog post which had nothing to do with her, and one that @RealtinConnor has consistently denied, is the question.

Oh wait, I know. It’s her attempt to intimidate me into silence, because she thinks she can.  Not unlike Barack Obama is doing to hard working Americans, she is attempting to force me into submission. 

I exposed @RealtinConnor because he is a fraud.  Heather Parker is threatening to expose me, simply because she’s a busy-body with nothing better to do than dig up real life information on conservative pro-lifers.  It’s not the first time, and I’m sure it wont be the last.


@blackdove78 is telling @mjbyars, that @heatherr_parker is planning on digging up @moronicquotes personal info.  What was this in response to?  You see, @mjbyars issued a public death threat against @moronicquotes.  You can read about that here.

It’s a sad world when liberals protect domestic terrorists, by becoming one themselves.