From @tempibones twitlonger account:

I’m a bully now to #ProLife. Here’s my apology to @Justsnapd8 & @RealtinConnor #ProChoice

@Justsnapd8 I apologize if you felt bullied. I understand exactly what that’s like. It’s the reason I block you. @RealtinConnor had nothing to do with my comment. It was an opportunity for me to point out that you may indeed be mentally unstable and we should not make fun of you. It was a smart-ass remark. However, I suggest if you don’t want me to retaliate to your own abusive tactics don’t post things about me when I have not addressed you at all. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

You are unbalanced enough to think everything is about you. You misunderstand and misconstrue most everything I say, twisting it into something you want it to be. It feels very competitive, like your entire ProLife stance is a game to you.

Noted that you are not Catholic.

Here’s a link to @Justsnapd8‘s post. "Just snapped" must not be referring to her mental state. Oops. My bad.

An empty apology it is.  @RealtinConnor played his part well.  He did exactly what Sara wanted him to do.  Without reading the post, he fired off a number of cruel tweets directly at me.  Without knowing the whole story, he took your word that I was deserving of abuse. 

I am not mentally unstable or mentally ill.  But you’ve shown that it wouldn’t matter to you if I were.  Any target is fair game to you. 

Go back and read the initial post HERE.  Not once did I think her tweet was directed at me, but it stung none the less.  I wrote the post because I can relate to being unwanted.  I had a story to tell, and her tweet triggered that story to be told.  The post was not about Sara, it was about me.

And no Sara, you do not have the power to prevent me from responding to your tweets, even those that are not directed toward me.  You can choose to retaliate as you call it, but really, was what I said abusive?  Was what I said deserving of all the hatred you and @RealtinConnor have been dishing out?  I think not.

The basis of this entire debacle, was my disagreement of what you stated in your initial tweet.


My response, as I stated in my initial post.

No, the worst feeling in the world is to know that had my mother had the legal option to kill me prior to birth, she probably would have. I am grateful she didn’t have that choice.

Rather than see the post for what it was, you took it as a personal attack against you.  It wasn’t.  But you quickly left the prolife vs prochoice debate, attacking me personally and recruited others into your bully game.  This apparently makes you happy. So be it.

By the way, I’ve had the handle “Justsnapd8” for about 15 years. If you’re not into the game of pool, you’ll never get what the name means.