Sara what-ever-her-name-is should not speak of things she knows nothing about.


I was born in 1957, the 6th of 9 children.  Was it a loving home?  I couldn’t say I remember, but I guess not, my mother left us when I was 4 years old.  Did this mean I was unwanted or unloved?  No, considering the multitude of family who together supported  my dad in raising us, any one of whom could have said “No, your kids are a burden!”, but no one ever did.  I was very wanted and loved, so were my brothers and sisters.  Back then, families stood together, for each other.  No one ever said “I don’t have time to help you”. 

Mother was the big loser in her decision.  She went on to live a ‘normal’ life.  She found a man who supported her in material things, and in her lifestyle of denial.  You see, he had also left his kids when they were young.  They lived in nice air-conditioned apartments, and had all the modern conveniences.  Together, they raised my half-brother, who was conceived and born in between her two marriages.  They gave him everything he could possibly want.  He lived by example, and left his children when they were very young.  Today, he is unable to work, due to his choice of lifestyle.  Alcohol and drugs, were what he learned to be dependent on, where the rest of us kids, who grew up with little in material things, depended on each other.

Mother came back to town after we were all grown and married, and didn’t need her for support.  No, she needed us.  My sister and I, and even my sister-in-law, remained a part of her life until she died.  Mother dealt with major depression for many years before she died, but it was renal failure that took her.  Before she died, she admitted she regretted abandoning us as children.

As for Sara what-ever-her-name-is’s tweet, she’s dead wrong.  She says the worst feeling is knowing your mother was forced to have you.  No, the worst feeling in the world is to know that had my mother had the legal option to kill me prior to birth, she probably would have.  I am grateful she didn’t have that choice.