About a year ago, I was involved in a Twitter debate about “slut-shaming”.  After some time, I said what is in the tweet below (that @RealtinConnor keeps and re-tweets regularly).  I won’t apologize for saying that. It was directed at women who were proud to be sluts. They knew it was directed at them, and they knew why. 


Now, why would @RealtinConnor keep that?  Simple. To attempt to silence me, a woman, worse, a pro-life woman.  You see, just about every time I get on twitter, he posts that re-tweet. I would estimate he’s posted it at least 50 times, maybe more.  His level of harassment is continuous, and unrelenting. 

Last time, which was just a couple of nights ago, he got his wish.  There were “slut defenders” coming out of the wood-work. (I imagine he was jacking off while watching).

In the end, I had a really nice conversation with a pro-choicer.   The tweet being undated, she thought it was recent.  I assured her it wasn’t.  And she also thought I called women sluts all the time.  I assured her I don’t.  I explained to her what the tweet was about, and she was cool after that. Amazing isn’t it. Having a really decent conversation, even though you disagree on the topic.

I debate abortion.  I rarely get into your sex life (unless you’re trying to get in my wallet to pay for your birth control).  I don’t care who you sleep with, or how often you change partners.  Actually, I do care, it’s not safe, but it’s your decision.  I have my opinion.  I am entitled to express my opinion, as are you.

The antagonist will not silence me.