I would have to say this is the most upsetting tweet I’ve seen in a while.  @EndChoice tweeted this this morning.


Having been raised in the sexist south (yeah it is, really), to say this tweet pissed me off is putting it mildly.  While I have no problem if a woman CHOOSES to ‘serve’ her husband, I do have a problem with men assuming we’re supposed to. 

Biologically, women will never be equal to men.  This is not to say women are less than men, just different.  I believe men and women should compliment each other, and I don’t mean just verbally. 

I actually believe children today would be better off if their mom were able to stay home and raise them.  Should she be forced to?  No.  In today’s world of ‘I gotta have it’ i.e. satellite television, smart phones, etc., it’s impossible for most people to live off of 1 salary.  Which means most women have to work, even if they don’t want to. 

A lot of women who have to work full time jobs, must also keep the house in order.  This includes everything she would do even if she was not working.  Paying the bills? Check. Doing the laundry? Check. Staying up all night with sick children? Check.  And the man?  He worked his 8 hours, came home, watched Monday night football, and went to bed to rest up for next day.  Thankfully, it’s not always like that.  Some men really do do their share, and respect their wives as people.

As an example, Katie* works a part time job.  She and her husband have an 18 month old little boy.  Every night, Katie bathes the baby then hands him off to her husband while she takes her own bath.  Her husband helps him brush his teeth, and gets him ready for night night, while Katie relaxes in the bathtub.  She’s happy, he’s happy, the baby’s happy.  To me, that’s equal partnership.

Another example, Nancy* works a full time job.  Yet she is also responsible for keeping the home.  She cooks, she cleans, she does the laundry.  She caters to his needs. I don’t think her husband even knows how to boil water, seriously.  He probably pays the bills, because you know, some men think women are untrustworthy with money.  One day while in the lunchroom at work, her husband called (he calls every day, many times a day) and before she got off the phone, she had to name every person in the room (probably 10 people).  Sad?  For me it would be, but she is completely happy with her life.

I’ve now convinced myself @EndChoice is a plant. But he did bring to light something that pro-choicer’s and I agree on, so it wasn’t a total loss.  I’m recommending blocking, filtering out, not engaging, or just plain ignoring.  That sexist idiot isn’t worth the stress.

Rant complete!

*Names changed