About a month ago, I wrote a blog post titled About Being a Sex Positive Feminist, and Prolife.  This post followed a lengthy conversation with @irishginge, who at that time, was a self-proclaimed “Sex Positive, Pro-Life, Feminist”.  I’m sad, though not at all surprised, that her pro-life status has been officially changed to pro-abort.

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The fact is, she has been pro-choice for some time, and perhaps all along.  A few months ago, she tweeted this, in response to the weak attempt by Republicans to de-fund Planned Parenthood.  In this tweet, she clearly stated she was pro-life, but not at the expense of Planned Parenthood being de-funded!


There is no other explanation, sex is more important to ‘Sex-Positive Feminists’ than protecting innocent human life.  Planned Parenthood feeds this frenzy by promoting sex, under the guise of ‘safe sex’, and ‘caring for women’.  The more young women they convince that having sex without consequences is acceptable, the more money Planned Parenthood makes on killing the innocent human life that results.  The only way to prevent pregnancy and abortion, is not to have sex.

I hope she will change her mind (again), but I sincerely doubt that will happen.  She has proven to me (which I already knew), and perhaps herself, that you can’t hang with a community of pro-aborts and not ultimately become one yourself.