We endear what’s close to our hearts, whether it be a cute little kitten, a ragged teddy bear from our childhood, or a hand-made quilt handed down from our grandmother.  What would we do to protect anything that’s close to our hearts?  The answer is, anything and everything in our power.

I’ve had several conversations recently with pro-choicer’s, and found myself (again) defending my use of the term ‘baby‘.  I’ve stated that ‘baby’ is a term of endearment, and the choicer’s are unable to love a fetus as pro-lifers do, as a baby.  It got me thinking about the millions of baby’s I don’t know.  What would I do to protect them?  What would you do?

Most of us have seen toddler’s attempting to climb out of a shopping cart, while the mother has her back turned.  What did you do?  This baby didn’t belong to us.  We didn’t know the baby, or for that matter, the mother.  But it was a life worth protecting, so we did everything we could to protect the baby from harm.  Again, this was not our baby, but we protected it none the less. 

What if we were to see a mother intentionally pushing the baby in the stroller, out into a busy intersection?  Her goal?  To rid herself of the responsibility of taking care of the baby.  It’s not our baby, so why is it our business?    We don’t stop her because what she’s doing is illegal, we stop her because it’s the right thing to do.  We stop her because it’s a life worth protecting.

Pro-lifer’s feel the same way regarding an unborn baby, a fetus.  The word ‘fetus‘ is a cold medical/scientific term, whereas ‘baby’ gives one the image of an infant swaddled in a soft blanket, while cooing at it’s mother. 

Pro-choice feminists endear the term ‘fetus’, while rejecting the term ‘baby’.  Why?  Would you be able to abort something you thought of as a baby?  Neither can they.  They protect themselves emotionally, by regarding this tiny human individual, by the term fetus. 

This doesn’t change the fact that a 3 month old infant, is the exact same human it was when it was a 3 month old fetus.  The difference is, the 3 month old infant has legal rights, where the 3 month old fetus has no legal rights at all. 

This must change.  A baby’s life is worth protecting, at any stage of development.