If you didn’t read this article at RHRealityCheck, you need to. “A Minister Calls Men to Action on Reproductive Justice”… Here are a few excerpts, and my thoughts on them.

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice recently asked me, because I am a “man in the movement,” to tell my story.

Do you really think they would ask Fr. Frank Pavone for an article?

My first girlfriend and I were both reckless and stupid.  She got pregnant and had to go to Puerto Rico for an abortion.

Real stand up guy huh? Gets his 1st girlfriend knocked up and ships her off to Puerto Rico for an abortion! It doesn’t stop there though!

I know that among my four daughters, three have had abortions.

I’m still trying to get over the fact that he refers to himself as a ‘minister’.

For a year, while I was in seminary, I worked as the statewide coordinator for the Illinois chapter of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Clearly, this ‘Reverend’ has never had a problem with abortion. I would say he advocates it for a reason (remember his 1st girlfriend?).

It concerns me that laws drawn from religious beliefs are being considered and in some cases, passed, in legislatures dominated by men who are moved too much by those religious beliefs

That is just SCARY!!! It is a sure sign of where our country is being led though.

I wish that legislators who would restrict abortion or tighten its availability could meet more women and listen to the stories they tell.  I believe they should be exposed to the human side of the issue.

Exposed to the human issue? What about the tiny humans being dismembered by abortions?

There’s a comment on the article that I fear will be removed, it’s already shaded so as not to get anyone’s attention. Notice how it’s grayed out, as compared to the response. You actually have to expand it to read it.. it would be really easy to overlook.

Here it is:


And the response from the author:


This dude is a joke! And for RHRealityCheck to have to dig this deep in the gutter for articles.. I’d say is a good sign for Pro-Life !! Keep ‘em coming!