gloria-steinemAfter reading an article by Gloria Steinem, I have to wonder, what does she know about mama grizzlies anyway? Oh Wait! It’s another attempt to tear down the conservative logic of Sarah Palin , but we knew that already. It’s certainly not the first time feminists have attacked the mama grizzly, and it won’t be the last. We all saw the silly video “Sarah Doesn’t Speak for Me” sponsored by Emily’s List. I’ll have to admit, that was a funny video. How they thought a bunch of women dressed in bear suits could be taken seriously is beyond me.

In typical feminist fashion:

Indeed, the Republican Party Platform calls for a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would create a direct relationship between the law and the fertilized egg, thus allowing women’s wombs to be legally searched, women to be legally detained throughout pregnancy, and effectively, women’s bodies to be nationalized during our childbearing years.”

Part of that statement is true; we do want fertilized eggs to be protected by law. But allowing women’s wombs to be searched? And legally detaining women throughout pregnancy? That’s pure feminist fear mongering.

“In fact, for 40 years that I know of, women’s movements, academic researchers and United Nations conferences have all been explaining that reproductive freedomthe right to decide when and whether to have a child, without government interferenceis a fundamental human right. At least as much as freedom of speech or assembly, it affects every part of life. trig-palin-sarah-palin-0309-lg

Maybe it’s just me, but the right to life is the most fundamental of all human rights. A right which was denied to 45 million babies after Roe v Wade was enacted in 1973, and through 2005. Millions more have died in the last 5 years.

“It’s an added cruelty that the same rightwing forces punish the 82 percent of U.S. women who do become mothers by opposing enforcement of equal pay, equal education and job training, even funding for nutrition programs for pregnant women, childcare programs or domestic violence shelters. This has all the ingredients of the perfect male supremacist storm: Women are cheap labor themselves and give birth to more cheap labor.” [emphasis is mine]

This is victim feminism, misandry, and fear mongering. Gloria paints a picture that leads young feminists to see a future of women out in the cotton fields, ‘wearing’ their babies, with men sitting in their air-conditioned trucks watching.

I totally agree with the fact that women’s pay scales are unequal and unfair as compared to men. I also agree that mothers are at a disadvantage to non-mothers when it comes to applying for jobs. What I don’t agree with is killing your baby so YOU can get treated more fairly. It’s not rocket science, it’s selfish feminism.

Big-grizzly-pic3-300x206 “In fact, Mama Grizzliesso misrepresented for political purposes by Sarah Palinknow this, too. In real life, they are famous for their exercise of reproductive freedom. For example, female grizzlies mate later than other bears, have only one or two cubs at a time, and wait up to twice as many years between births. If after they are pregnant, conditions are not goodfor instance, their health is poor, the food supply is unreliable, or the winter is too harshthey reabsorb the embryo into their bodies in self-abortion and just don’t give birth that year.”

Does Gloria Steinem really believe the bear self-absorbs the embryo intentionally? That they consciously think “Conditions are not good this year, so I’ll absorb my baby”? That’s a far stretch! What bears do is natural, similar to spontaneous abortion aka miscarriage.

Sarah Palin represents the mama grizzlies perfectly. They will defend their young against anything or anybody that threatens them. Gloria Steinem, not so much!

Gloria’s goal is to scare women. She is leading women to believe that they can’t have their children and the life of their dreams as well. Sarah Palin is proof that women can have both, and that’s why hard-core feminists hate her so much.