Recently, ProChoiceGal wrote a post for the Abortion Gang blog, entitled “Who God Really Is”. So I wondered; does PCG’s God approve of plagiarism?

According to Webster, to plagiarize is:

· to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source.

· to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from and existing source.

So where is this leading? Well, for anyone that has known PCG for any length of time, we’ve seen her *magically* come up with a witty quote from time to time. She tends to get several RT’s from her worshippers, and we’ve said she enjoys the ‘attagirls’ she gets. She also loves attention from ‘the mean old antis’, a post here, a post on this Jill’s blog or that Jill’s blog, well, you get the idea. PCG leaves an impression where ever she goes, usually not a good one (to anti’s anyway).

Anyway, last night I saw an RT (she locked her tweets cause of the mean old antis, so excuse the one sided convo).

RT @ProChoiceGal Let’s make something else clear. Consent is not the absence of a “no”, it’s the presence of a “yes”.

Several people RT’d it, but this is the thread that caught my attention:







And on his website, (click picture to go to his website)


I have to say, this guy really impressed me with how much of a gentleman he is (seriously).

Well, if you Google Consent is not the absence of a “no”, it’s the presence of a “yes”, guess what? Plagiarism much?

(Click on the picture and I’ll Google it for you)


Plagiarism is stealing, plain and simple. Taking credit for something that isn’t yours, is cheating.  Lying is a sin, and I’m confident that God wouldn’t be happy about any of it. 

I have no idea who wrote that quote, but I’m confident it wasn’t PCG.  Or maybe adding something to the front of it legitamized it; at least to her? 

So while you’re thinking “the mean old anti’s”, know that what we’re really doing is KEEPING YOU HONEST!