The other day I saw a tweet regarding when a baby becomes a baby. It went something like this: “Yeah, and before it was a fetus, it was an embryo, zygote, etc”, making it less ‘human’ step by step. I wanted to say something, but engaging some prochoicers isn’t worth the time, or the energy. What I would have said is something like this. “And what about after it’s a fetus? Newborn…infant… toddler… and so on”.

A fetus, an embryo, and even a zygote, are just as much a human being as you and I, they are just at an earlier stage of development.

“That unborn human being looks exactly the way human beings are supposed to look at that stage of development” – Kathy Ireland.

Listen to Kathy Ireland explain the science behind her decision to become unapologetically prolife.

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