I am an anti; anti-abortion; anti-slut; anti-rape; anti-slavery, and anti-racist. What I am not is anti-woman.

Did you know if you support a ban on abortion, you are supporting slavery? Did you know you are promoting rape? Did you know you are a misogynist? That’s right, you hate women.

What’s their rationale? If you support a ban on abortion, you would be ‘forcing’ a woman to give birth. Force = slavery and force = rape. If you support a ban on abortion, you are no better than the Taliban. You support women being forced into submission, and that means you hate women.

If you think women (and men) having multiple sex partners is morally unacceptable… You are a ‘Slut-shamer’.

If you even suggest that a woman who has been raped, could have prevented it by not dressing provocatively, not drinking so much alcohol that she loses her self-protective instincts, and not walking alone in dark alleys, you’re a ‘Rape-Apologist’. Got that? You are ‘victim-blaming’; you are saying it’s all her fault for getting herself raped.

It’s a lot to wrap your head around, isn’t it? Welcome to the mind of today’s young feminist.

(to be continued)