It’s clear that @ProChoiceGal has NO intention of posting my comment on her latest post, so I’ll do it for her. And just in case she opts to delete the entire post, which would not be surprising at all, I’ve got that also. You can view the video here.

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My unpublished comment:  Same text, but this is easier to read:

We’ve been over this many times, but I’m willing take another shot at trying to get you to understand what the term “she’s asking for it” means. Say you’re cutting up a tomato and you’re holding the knife wrong, you’re asking to get cut. If you continually drive your car with the gas gauge on empty, you’re asking for it to run out of gas. There are thousands of analogy’s that would fit, but the point is, “she’s asking for it” is a figurative term.

It’s your responsibility to prevent it to the best of your ability. Do you really think wearing skirts up to your crotch won’t attract rapists? Do you really think you should walk alone down a dark street with or without a short skirt, in the middle of the night? There are steps YOU can take to prevent rape from occurring. If you’re saying you should be allowed to dress how you want to, and go where you want, when you want, without the possibility of being raped, you’re dreaming. Rape is NEVER an acceptable act, but it does happen. People that rape are sick criminals. Because rapists most often rape again, my vote would be to lock them up indefinitely. That won’t make the rape go away though will it? Once a rape occurs, it’s too late to prevent it.

And the twitpic @ProChoiceGal posted to twitter, links to her original, unless she deletes that too!


It’s a shame really, when you try to explain something as important as rape prevention to someone, and they just turn you off like it’s a big joke. Think I’m joking?


You would think that someone that has been raped would be screaming “Rape Prevention” off the roof-tops, but no, she screams “Rape Apologist” at us instead.

So @ProChoiceGal, when someone who looks up to you is raped because YOU told her it was ok not to takes steps to prevent it, how are you going to live with the guilt? 

This is what CHOICE is all about.