I just have to say this. Regarding the 300 or so workers that ‘just happened’ to show up on Grand Isle La, and it ‘just happened’ to be hours before President Obama was scheduled to arrive. People (including me), have been arguing that it was BP that sent the workers in, as a way to show Obama that they were on the job.


PHOTO: CNN – Click on the picture for the full story with VIDEO

Given the photo-ops Obama has taken advantage of in the past, like a bunch of doctors in gleaming white lab coats during the healthcare debate, would it be a surprise to anyone if the Obama admin were the ones behind these workers? Not to say that BP isn’t paying them, because they are damned sure responsible, but didn’t Obama just say that BP doesn’t make a move without the government’s approval?  This beach does need to be cleaned, but I guarantee you there are beaches in a lot worse shape just a few miles away.


Now it seems the media are being shut out from covering the oil-spill. Please read the story here.

They have restricted airspace, beaches, and gulf waters. We are not being allowed to see anything except what BP and the White House wants us to see. I’m getting a terrible feeling that what others have been saying is true. BP and the White House are basically joined at the hip. And if what I think is happening is true, this really could be Obama’s Watergate.