Someone posted a story on The Abortioneers blog today; another memorial to Dr. George Tiller who was murdered on May 31, 2009. People that support abortion, worship this man even today.

What caught my attention was a quote that was posted by the author of the post.


My opinion:

Abortion is not a cerebral issue? Meaning what exactly? Women have abortions without thinking much about it? While I don’t believe this is true for the vast majority of women that have abortions, it seems that he did.

Abortion is not a reproductive issue? Of course it is. Abortion would not be performed if reproduction were not taking place.

Abortion is a matter of the heart? Or the heartless, depending on which side of the fence your standing on.

Not to sound offensive to anyone, although I’m sure it will… The last sentence ‘For until one understands the heart of a woman…’; sounds to me like a man in total control of his women. For some reason, a mental picture of George Jones popped in my head. I want to know how so many women could be under the ‘mind-control’ of someone like Dr. Tiller!

Women have beautiful hearts. They are nurturing, comforting, loving, and giving. To say that abortion is a matter of the heart is astounding, and makes it sound like women are heartless.

Your turn!

I would like to know what this quote means to you, because I don’t get it.