It never ceases to amaze me how proabort liberals can twist something, to turn themselves into victims.

I saw a headline yesterday, 10-Year-Old Mexican Rape Victim Denied Abortion, regarding a young girl in Mexico that had been raped by her step-dad. By the title alone, this article leads you to believe that the girl asked for an abortion, and was denied such.

Then I saw another headline 11-Year-Old Mexican ‘Rape’ Victim Wants to Keep Baby, so I tweeted it, as is. Note the semi-quotes on the word rape. Boy, did I catch hell!


Uh, what difference does it really make?

The facts are this: An 11 year old little girl was raped by her step-dad, and she is pregnant. Not once has a pro-abort said anything in anger about the pervert that did this to her, NOT ONCE. Pro-aborts are pissed that the girl wasn’t given the option of an abortion. In any case, she is 11 years old, and it is up to her mother to make that decision for her.

Back to the fall-out from pro-aborts on twitter! @ProChoiceGal accused me of being a “Rape-apologist” and “Pro-Rape”.






My answer:


So let’s get to the real rape apologists.

@ProChoiceGal wrote an entire blog post on “Anti-Choicers and Rape Apologists”. But I think she overlooked the real rape apologist, herself. She is so engulfed in her role as the victim; she totally ignores the bastard that raped her. Is he in jail? If not, why the hell not?

That’s where conservatives and progressives differ. When it comes to the rape of the Mexican girl, our first instinct is not to kill the baby that was conceived as a result of it, but to demand justice be done to the bastard that did this to her!

Pro-Choice’s first reaction is for the girl to have an abortion. What would that accomplish? It would end the pregnancy, but do nothing to correct the real problem. The pregnancy is not the problem. With today’s technology, there is no reason to believe this girl will die from having this baby. The real problem is that Pro-Choice focuses on abortion, and not on the cause of the girl getting pregnant in the first place. You have a voice! Use it to stop these perverts from hurting young girls!