It seems to me, if you want to reduce the incidents of STD’s, and reduce the incidents of unwanted pregnancy, you might attempt to reduce the incidents of sex… which causes both. But Prochoicers want it ALL. They want to enjoy sex freely, teaching birth control use instead of abstinence, and then they want me and you to pay for medical needs when the participant contracts a STD… AND they want me and you to pay for ending an unplanned unwanted pregnancy. Does anybody else see this as selfish?

Prochoice minds have been warped into believing that having sex freely and aborting the result is acceptable!

Case in point: As I’m writing this I check twitter and guess what I see, obviously written by a young woman with a misguided sense of right and wrong. It’s a clear picture of the prochoice mentality that is being spoon fed to young women and men every day. It’s all about me, me, me!



And then the real problem appears. She’s not sure she could ever go through with an abortion, yet she promotes it.


It’s clear that even some prochoicers know abortion is wrong, yet they promote it for others, all in the name of CHOICE!