Things can quickly go sour in a prolife/prochoice debate. Last night, it did just that. Yeah I know, I probably should have stayed out of it, but a particularly nasty prochoicer was using degrading terms in talking to a prolife friend of mine. This is where I picked it up… The tweet is from @singlepayer, tweets are protected so this is the best view for this tweet.


I can’t think of anyone less deserving of that kind of remark than this man. So yes, I did put my two cents in, and no I don’t regret it.

THIS is where politically correctness has got us…

I made a comment to a prolife friend that stated the person might be transgender. I immediately got backlash from a prochoice friend whom I have previously had several decent conversations with. My tweet:


What my prochoice friend may not have looked at were the previous tweets from @singlepayer. A tweet like this:


Or this tweet that lead me to believe it’s a woman talking:


UPDATE: Or this tweet that shows the hatred in this particular instance:

Chances are my prochoice friend will NOT call he/she down on it!


Or the tweets later that lead me to believe it could be a man:



Being referred to a “Babe” and “honey” is something I find extremely degrading, and typically these remarks are made by MEN.

So is it a man or a woman? Or could he/she possibly be transgender? You tell me!

I was accused of “attacking” ALL transgender women. (I guess transgender men don’t warrant the same protection by prochoice.) In fact, I was simply questioning the person’s gender. I would hope that my prochoice friend would look at the whole picture and not just bits and pieces. She would see that @singlepayer is a vile, hateful, hurtful person, undeserving of her protection.

And I was not “attacking” all transgender people. I was using terms to describe the behavior of ONE particular person, and guessing that they may be transgender.

People like @singlepayer are the reason that #tcot and #prolife are getting more vocal. It’s okay for “them” to say things like that, but it’s not okay for “us” to fire back? EXCUSE ME!