A Pro-choicer believes that her church is Pro-Choice.  I want to take this opportunity to explain what is obvious to Pro-Lifers, it’s not.





The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America is far from Pro-Choice. In fact they believe that “Human life in all phases of its development is God-given and, therefore, has intrinsic value, worth, and dignity”.

Since my statement that “Your church deplores abortion” started this conversation, let’s look at the definition of deplore. As defined by Webster, deplore means:



I was directed to read Section III. Let’s not overlook the title of this section: The Church as a Community Supportive of Life. This church supports life!

(Emphasis is mine)

Because we believe that God is the creator of life, the number of induced abortions is a source of deep concern to this church. We mourn the loss of life that God has created. The strong Christian presumption is to preserve and protect life. Abortion ought to be an option only of last resort. Therefore, as a church we seek to reduce the need to turn to abortion as the answer to unintended pregnancies.”

They also support women who have made the decision to have an abortion. This does not mean they condone abortion however. What it does mean is that they will not turn their backs on women that have had abortions.

“By our policies and practices as a church we need to indicate that we are truly supportive of children through the long years after, and not only before, they are born.”

How does the church feel about sex before marriage?

“Marriage is the appropriate context for sexual intercourse.”

Birth Control?

“Whenever sexual intercourse occurs apart from the intent to conceive, the use of contraceptives is the responsibility of the man and of the woman.”

And how does the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America feel about advocating abortion on Twitter and other social media:

(Emphasis is mine)

“In keeping with our commitment to become communities that are truly life-affirming, this church challenges the following life-degrading attitudes that permeate the prevailing culture and may contribute to the high incidence of abortion: messages in the media and elsewhere that encourage irresponsible sexual activity; materialism, individualism, and excessive concern for self-interest; the desire for “perfect” children, and treating those who are not as if they were “disposable”; attitudes and practices that are inhospitable to children and to the women who bear them; low regard of human life, especially the lives of African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, or Native Americans, and of many women and children who are poor.”The excessive concern for self-interest! Imagine that from a Pro-Choicer! Shame Shame

I would like to take a quick detour to the religious views of Pro-Choicer’s.  There not different at all, they just make up their own.  (Is there any doubt what’s wrong with the world today?)

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They also interpret the church’s statement in two different ways… I’ll leave you with the conversation below:

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