Abortion advocates are celebrating their victory. 

As stated in The Baltimore Sun:

“Crisis pregnancy centers in Baltimore must display signs stating they do not provide abortions or birth-control referrals under a measure approved by the City Council Monday night and thought to be the first of its kind in the nation.”

In an article on RH Reality Check,

“So-called crisis pregnancy centers regularly provide misleading and inaccurate information on birth control and abortion, and often espouse religious ideology.”

And in the article “Beware of Anti-abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers”, they state:

“Nearly all of these centers are operated by churches or religious organizations.”

It’s clear that Pro-choice is attempting to prevent religious groups from counseling women not to have abortions.  I sincerely hope these religious groups stand strong in their belief that abortion is murder.

I see it this way.  If a woman walks into a CPC, there’s a good chance the baby will live.  If a woman walks in to a clinic that performs abortions, there is a chance that the baby will be killed.  As children, we were taught not to kill. It’s a sin, always has been, always will be.