First let me say that I am Pro-Life. The others are Pro-Choicers… They would prefer to protect terrorists rights, but think nothing of killing innocent unborn fetuses.

BTW, I still have not got an answer to my question to @KushielsMoon. “How can you consider dismembering a fetus NOT violent”?

This post is about liberal twisting and turning conversations into accusations of racism.

The conversation started when I saw this tweet:


So I replied with this tweet:


Of which she replied with this tweet:


And my answer:



And Kushy answers:


Then @ellydisapproves follows up with this tweet:


So I ask:


And I respond to Kushy:


And then:


So I suppose the liberal logic in this is that because I don’t agree that the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist act (which killed 3000 innocent people) should be brought here at all, much less given a trial by jury, and given that the terrorist happen to be Iranian, that makes me a racist? Yep that must be it!

Miss Elinor dear, considering YOU are the one that brought race into the conversation, yep, that makes YOU the RACIST!!! You see color, and when you see color, it makes you a racist. It also makes you a race-baiter!

UPDATE: I was going to skip this part of the conversation between Miss Elinor dear and me… but I find it irresistible today.  I was born and raised in Louisiana, of course I know who David Duke is!

Excuse the crappy formatting, but it seems Miss Elinor dear has protected her tweets today.  Go Figure!

Read the block from the bottom up: