I think most of America does see the president’s midnight ride to Dover AFB as a photo op, just like Rush said! You see, Mr. Axelrod, the fact that President Obama HAS been dithering on the Afghanistan issue, is making it clear to us where the president’s priorities lie. The president should either send the 40,000 additional troops as requested by General McChrystal, OR bring the troops home out of harm’s way. The President is riding the fence, and it’s costing young American soldiers their lives.

And Mr. Axelrod, we haven’t forgotten the young men in Afghanistan who are trying to put out a forest fire, with a garden hose. We haven’t forgotten the family’s who have lost their loved ones in the line of duty. We haven’t forgotten that they are fighting against the Taliban, and we know we MUST WIN that battle.

Rush Limbaugh an entertainer? Well, I guess to leftist wing-nuts who find humor in degrading any conservative they talk to or about… it just may seem entertaining to you Mr. Axelrod. But to the conservatives of this country, Rush watches our backs.

We also haven’t forgotten the trip he made to try to get the Olympic committee to pick HIS city, Chicago, for the Olympic Games. No Mr. Axelrod, we haven’t forgotten the many campaign trips HE has made to fulfill HIS agenda on OUR tax dollars!

And Mr. Axelrod, visions of a beer summit, and of the First Lady de-boarding Air Force One wearing shorts… well that’s degrading to the positions they both hold. You see Mr. Axelrod; conservatives have principles of which we don’t see with the Obama Administration.