I saw my doctor yesterday, he’s a family physician, a country doctor. It was a rare visit as I’m blessed to rarely get sick. When he was finished diagnosing me (sinusitis, thankfully not pneumonia), I asked him for his thoughts on the healthcare debate. He said it’s all a joke!

He told me he pays $600 a month to Blue Cross for crappy coverage for his family. Most people don’t need frequent visits to their doctors, and most will only need hospitalization once maybe twice in their lifetime. Yet we pay that money every month.

He told me he has 10,000 patients. If they all paid him $2.00 a month, he could provide his patients all the care they needed, pay his overhead costs, and still make a nice living.

But because of government cuts in Medicare provider payments, and low insurance reimbursement rates, he only made 90K last year as compared to 130K the year before, which was reduced from the year before that. I know 90K seems like a lot for most of us, but let’s get real here, 90K is peanuts for someone with that extensive an education.

Doctors spend years going through college, medical school, graduate training, etc. They are some of the smartest people on the planet, yet they are subjected to the government and insurance companies mandating their salaries.

My doctors’ father was a physician, as was his grandfather. He is the last generation; too many headaches, not enough money.

It’s a loss of talent that’s in their bloodline. It’s a loss for all of us.