I am not from Florida, but I do believe every baby deserves the chance to live.  Please help if you can…
Can you forward this to every pro-life Christian you know?

Many churches publish prayer requests in their bulletins or have “prayer chains” — these are usually for sicknesses, but are also used to pray for just about anything.

So here’s a strategy to get people in your church praying about Personhood FL even before you approach your church to ask permission to circulate petitions.

“YOUR NAME is currently involved in an initiative to place a Personhood Amendment proposition on the Florida ballot for the 2010 election. Please pray for God’s will to be done as YOUR FIRST NAME helps in a statewide effort to gather the almost one million signatures that will be needed in the first step to legally define an unborn child as a person from his or her biological beginnings.”

This way the people in your church who pray for these requests will muse on the language of the initiative. Then about week later you should follow this up with a request to circulate petitions among church members. It’s not fool proof, but it’s a heads up for people so that they will know what you are doing. And it gives the church a chance to pray according to God’s will to protect unborn baby boys and girls. Some might decide to get involved in the effort right away.

– Jay Rogers