A few days ago, some friends and I were talking about what happened with Joe Wilson calling out President Obama, “You LIE”.   Another aquaintance, a black man (yes we are white women), walked up knowing full well what we were talking about.  We had no problem with him putting in his two cents.  Then he asked “Where’s he from?”, referring to Wilson.  One of the girls said “South Carolina”.  So why was I so pissed off and offended when this man just shook his head in affirmation?  He was obviously insinuating that because Joe Wilson is white, and because Joe Wilson is from South Carolina, that Joe Wilson yelled “You LIE”… because he’s a racist!  Needless to say we swapped topics, and got on healthcare.  And of course “we should take care of our poor”…  Yeah, we didn’t agree on that either. 

Some poor people really do need help, but there are a lot that don’t even try to help themselves. 

So agree to disagree we will!