As I was reading up on President Obama’s Czars, I looked at Joshua DuBois, the Faith-Based Czar.  As this article in The Boston Globe reports, Joshua held a private vigil for 41 hours (he was 17 years old at the time).  The reason?  A protest, because an unarmed Guinean immigrant named Amadou Diallo, had been killed by 4 of NYPD’s now defunct Street Crimes Unit.  As such, they were in street attire.  As written in Wikipedia, the officers mistook the man for a serial rapist (since captured).  The officers approached him, and he ran, ignoring orders to stop and “show his hands”.  He then reached into his jacket… the officers fired a total of 41 shots, 19 of which hit the suspect.

Should the officers have just waited to see what the suspect pulled from his jacket?  I think not!  Racial profiling?  Absolutely not!  Police Officers put their lives on the line every day, and when they tell you to STOP and show your hands, you best heed their warning.  Perhaps it was a language barrier.

All 4 officers were eventually aquitted of all charges.