My Cyber-Stalker has been in contact with my brother for the last couple of days.  He told me she was his new friend.  She was aware all along that his mental health is unstable, and she preyed on that.  I can only imagine what was said between them.  I have been unable to reach him since yesterday.  He does not have a phone, so I rely on MySpace to communicate with him, or at least try to keep up with him.  Am I worried?  Well, considering he just got out of the hospital after attempting suicide, you bet!  Is there anything I can do?  Other than say a prayer that he doesn’t do anything drastic, there is nothing I can do.

So you know what Ms. Cyber-Stalker, his life is now in your hands.  You chose him because of me, and you knew he was vulnerable.  He had NOTHING to do with our issue on Twitter.  The problems you had on Twitter were brought on by you, not by me, and not by any of the dozen or so other people that I know of, that had problems with you.  You have apparently been banned from Twitter (finally), and I gotta tell ya, other than political sparring, Twitter has been really peaceful without you around. 

It’s a shame that someone with the “intelligence” that you seem to think you have, would be so stupid, as to get in a position with a mental health patient, and end up in a spot where you alone could push him over the edge.  Feel good about having that power?  Isn’t that what Cyber-Bullying is all about?

UPDATE:  I have been in contact with my brother, he’s ok!  He got his meds dosage wrong, but his wife has taken up dispensing his meds for him 🙂

UPDATE:  I came home the other day and checked my MySpace email, it seems as though my brothers MySpace profile had been deleted.  Coincedence?  I think not!  That makes 3 that I know of, including mine.  Note to my brother: Next time pay attention to what big sister is telling you! 🙂

UPDATE:   I think an update to this post is long overdue! 

When on Twitter, YOU alone are responsible for what you say. 

So if you are bashing the family of a fallen American soldier, and you get called down on it; that does NOT mean you are being cyber-bullied.  It means you are thoughtless and cruel.  You do not have any feelings for what the families and friends of that soldier are going through!  YOU DO NOT CARE!

When you make a point to be a nuisance by having other peoples MySpace profiles deleted, AND go as far as contacting a member of ANYONE’S family, whom you don’t know and had no reason to contact other than to “get at” someone, that means YOU are a cyber-bully.

WIKI: Cyberbullying “involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others. -Bill Belsey” [1    See the full article Here