How far will a cyber-bully go to “get at you”?  Well hopefully, not very much farther!  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not afraid of her physically, but she plays a heck of a psychological game, by being intrusive.  My cyber-bully has hit below the belt, by playing, or should I say “preying”, on a relative of mine who is at this time rather vulnerable.  She has now contacted my younger brother via MySpace email.  She told him her twisted side of the story, and for about 5 minutes, he actually believed her!  Now we all know that siblings argue, always have, always will.  But thankfully in most cases, they mend their relationship and “kiss and make up”.  Is blood thicker than water?  Oh Yeah!

So, I have my hands on the email, and I have sent it to MySpace!  So you know what Ms. Cyber-Bully?  You can go back on YouTube and defend the “I Pledge” video, but LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE!