My Twitter Experience

Hello everyone!  And Welcome to my blog.

I signed up for Twitter I think around the middle of June 2009.  I’ve met some really nice people.  The “positive attitude” quotes really hit home as my boss is always preaching that!  I’ve enjoyed reading the quotes, and interacting with other tweeters.  I follow black, white, gay, straight, different political views etc.  I think it’s smart to view and listen to all sides.  That in no way means you have to agree.  It also doesn’t mean you have to argue, or strongly disagree in tweets.   Respect for each other is the name of the game.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have gone back at a few people, but very few.  Mainly I just listen.

You may think that I need to “let it go”, and you would be right!  But my intention with this blog is not to hold on; it’s to make my voice heard.  Hopefully, you will understand after you’ve read this.

I saw a tweet the other day, with a quote that is totally relevant to this issue.

The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.”

– G.K. Chesterton

My story begins on Independence Day, July 4th, 2009.  That day, a young soldier was killed in the Afghanistan war.  His step-dad tweeted, ‘They killed my son!’.  I can’t honestly say where it started, but the hashtag #ThankYou*** became a Twitter trending topic throughout that night.  Though I honor him for giving his life for our freedom, this story is not about him.  This story is about a person on twitter that went to the extreme in dishonoring this young soldier’s sacrifice.

His step-dad uses Twitter to promote his business.  This is done by using Twitterfeed, which auto-tweets things related to his business.  So he would tweet an update about the soldier, then it would be followed shortly by a business tweet fed by Twitterfeed.  It “looked like” he was promoting his business and using #thankyou*** to do it.  Some people thought it was a hoax.  I knew in my heart that it was real.  Why would the man risk his credibility if it wasn’t real?  But I was still curious. 

I saw a tweet from a doubter, and I bit the hook.  I admitted to having the same thoughts, and she and I did some research online.  For reasons I will explain, I’ve opted out of using both her real name, and her Twitter name, for now anyway. 

I’m not taking credit for the research, but rather responsibility for my part in this “circus”, as the young man’s real father referred to it.

The other person had different ideas.  Everything that was found, she put links on twitter, and used the #thankyou*** tag with it.  And she continued to tweet these links for days… even weeks.  Most recently, yesterday July 28, 2009, though she didn’t use the links.

Now here is where she turns herself into the victim!  Members of the young man’s family, perhaps friends too, asked her to stop with the endless tweets regarding this family.  At this point, he had not even been laid to rest.  Suddenly, she starts tweeting that she is being cyber-bullied on Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, etc. 

She continued with the harassment until after the memorial service.  One of the people that contacted her also contacted me in a tweet.  I replied, stating that he and I had no beef, etc.  He accepted that, and I won’t repeat what he said.  Let’s just say, not everybody appreciates the language, but it didn’t bother me!

This is where you cannot talk to anybody else if you’re talking to her.  She wrote me an email on MySpace, and promptly blocked me before I could reply.  So I put the text of her email, and my reply, in the MySpace blog, and tweeted the link on Twitter.  At least 100 people read that blog! YAY!!!   Of course her being the cyber-bullied victim, she got MySpace to delete the blog, even further, my entire MySpace profile was deleted. 

I’ve read the Terms of Service for WordPress, and I think I could use her name here, but I won’t.  You see, dealing with her leaves you feeling violated.  What’s she going to do next?

You will never win a debate with her, because she will never veer from what she believes.  She is a liberal, “Pro-Choice” “Pro-Gay Marriage” etc.  (I throw those terms in there so the readers will know her views early.)  And she will never apologize to the soldiers family for what she did and continues to do.  She has 1 twitter friend that I know of.  She communicates with a few others on Twitter, but no inter-personal relationships to speak of.  If she does converse with someone, like me, and several others I know of…disagree with her, and you’re blocked and reported to Twitter!  But before that, you will be referred to as an idiot, or ignorant!  She is “intelligent” by her own words.  She has been banned from several forums, and I’m sure even more that I couldn’t find on google.

Avoiding her at all costs is the best any of us can do.

edited for content 07/30/09 by the author