Yes Heather, Facts DO Matter! Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

I thought pro-choicer’s were critical thinkers, but this is proof they’re not.  In a ‘conversation’ with @heatherr_parker, she’s citing a poll, and trying to convince me that more Americans want abortion legal in all circumstances, than want it to be illegal in all circumstances.


So, 26.5% want abortion to be legal in ALL circumstance.  This would include abortion for ANY reason, at ANY point in a woman’s pregnancy.  In other words, 26.5% of people believe it’s acceptable to kill an almost full term perfectly healthy fetus. 

On the other hand, a small 14.5% want abortion illegal in ALL circumstances.  This would include ectopic pregnancy, which can be deadly for the mother if not taken care of. 

What Heather is over-looking is that the vast majority of people, the other 59%, DO NOT support abortion for any reason, though they *may* support it in some circumstances. 

It’s clear that most people believe that exceptions to abortion laws should be in place.  For me personally, it’s only for the life of the mother.  Others support exceptions for rape and incest.  Others still, support exceptions for fetal abnormalities.

Focusing on the extremes, and ignoring the majority is so like pro-choice, isn’t it?




Is ProLife Becoming Irrelevant? Tuesday, Dec 11 2012 

Well, according to @maryluca77 we are. 


If there was ever a tweet that was also a game-changer, this one is it.  For so long, pro-aborts have attempted to dictate what we can and can’t say.  You know how it is.  “You can’t call a fetus a baby because it hasn’t been born.” Sound familiar? 

So I have made a personal commitment that from now, I’m going to call prochoice exactly what it is.


Prochoice = Baby Killers

Let’s get the truth out there, shall we?  Chances are, forcing people to think about abortion for what it really is (baby killing), will disgust them as much as it disgusts us now. Ready? Go.

Frank Peretti on ProLife vs. ProChoice Friday, Nov 23 2012 

Frank Peretti on ProLife vs. ProChoice.

Pro-Aborts Like @RealtinConnor, Hide From Reality Sunday, Nov 4 2012 

Oooohh, this is serious! After tweeting a picture of a dismembered unborn baby, to @RealtinConnor, I received the threat of being blocked and reported to twitter.  {I’m shakin’ in my drawers}



So, like all good pro-life people should do, I’ve promised to show Ryan errr @RealtinConnor lots of ‘gore-porn’ as he calls it.  Like the one below:

@RealtinConnor Explain to me again why it's ok w/ you, and #prochoice to do this to an unborn baby. #prolife

For something that’s in his words ‘non-compelling’, it sure compels pro-aborts to hit that block and report button.  So be it.

It reminds me of how 2 year olds close their eyes so you can’t see them. 

Copy & Paste King @RealtinConnor Friday, Nov 2 2012 

Jim Jordan tweeted this to me the other day, and how true it is!image

Truth is, @RealtinConnor has several favorite phrases in his copy and paste bag. Like this one: “Are you illiterate or just chronically dishonest?”







As you can see, that was in the last few days.  The “illustrating my point” mantra was almost as long, but equally revealing of how he regurgitates his faves!  That’s what cultists do; repeat the same thing over and over until the non-believer’s buy it.  Except, we don’t buy it, and @RealtinConnor should know by now that copy & paste has its good points, but can also get you in deep doo-doo.

Spinning The #ProChoice Rumor Mill Saturday, Oct 27 2012 

This is how pro-choice rumors get started. @RealinConnor responded to one of my tweets with this. Click on the picture to see the tweet on Twitter.


I suppose his intention was to get me attacked. Who knows!  In any case, the tweet he was responding to, which is linked in his tweet, is below.


Do you see anything about rape in that tweet? Me neither.  To read more about The Real @RealtinConnor, click here and here.

Update: I didn’t think a pro-abort would be willing to make their miscomprehension of English so apparent. I was wrong! LOL


So if #prochoice protects the guilty, and they also protect pregnant women, then I must have saying pregnant women are guilty. LMAO They can’t friggin READ.

Think @RealtinConnor Is a Gentleman? Think Again! Monday, Oct 8 2012 

I’d have to say, at this point, I’m almost glad that @Heatherr_Parker found the picture of me below while trolling through the interwebz, and posted it on twitter.


It’s brought out several hurtful comments from “The Real @RealtinConnor”, including the two below.image_thumb4


While I realize that some of you will laugh with him, at my expense, I also realize some of you won’t. 

So if you enjoy ridiculing women who don’t look like models (especially dressed down for a crawfish boil), then go ahead and laugh.  I’ll take the last one, laughing at @RealtinConnor for showing all of us who he really is.

10/21/2012 UPDATE: He’s not done. And yeah, it stung.


Idiot Deleting Victimhood Sunday, Oct 7 2012 

Just a quick post validating my claim that the idiot below, while talking to herself, deleted her tweet about her victimhood.  These screen shots were taken oh, maybe 20 minutes ago or so.


And another screen shot just a few minutes later.  Note the tweet about her victimhood has conveniently disappeared.  


Did I say she was an idiot? Did I say she was a pathological lying bitch?  Are your feelings hurt yet? LOL

Something for the idiots to read. Sunday, Oct 7 2012 

Yesterday, a twitter user by the name of @ProLifeIsNot brought to my attention a tumblr post by @awickedlife, now known as @onbeaconstreet. 


The tweet alone should be a clue about the lies being spread about me.  In the tumbler post, @awickedlife claims she was harassed, even stalked.


Let’s start with “apparently Gwen took notice”. Yes, I noticed that her half of our lengthy conversation was missing.  Click on the picture, it’s links to the entire convo, except of course her half which she deleted.  Go ahead, do it now!  Then tell me I harassed this trouble making, pathological lying bitch off of twitter. 


And also note, true to form, @onbeaconstreet tweeted me to make sure I knew she was on twitter, then she deleted the tweet. Thankfully the tweet was still on my iPhone, so I emailed it to capture it.  image

Now back to the accusation that I “posted personal info about a prochoicers pregnant daughter”.  I was hoping @blackdove78 would have the sense to tell her to drop the subject; I should have known better.  Instead, she reposts the lies on her own tumblr; which has left me no choice but to set the record straight.

This was the tweet she was referring to:


See the personal info there?  Me neither!  Truth be told, it was Kim a.k.a. @blackdove78, who we lovingly refer to as “blackdunce”, who outed her own daughter on twitter.


Then, true to the reason we lovingly refer to her as “blackdunce”, she validated the tweet by bringing it to everyone’s attention that it was her daughter I was referring to.  Smart?  Uh, no.


Final thought: if I wanted to give personal info about her daughter, I would have tweeted her name.

UPDATE – Have to add a little beacon of whine to this post. 


Please take a look and find where Jill indicated this moron deleted her tweets because she’s ‘trying to cover up something’.  You won’t find it. Beacon is delusional.

UPDATE – Because you know, the rest of the story was deleted by this moron, and that’s somehow someone else’s fault!


Because Twitter is the perfect forum for posting tweets that’s nobody else’s business.


No, keep talking and stalking moron.


Report me for what? LMAO.  The difference moron, is that Lisa and I actually debate abortion, unlike you who’s just looking to stir shit.


Bothering?  She meant to say harassing, stalking, and lying about.


To be continued…

Abortionist Claims There Is No Such Thing As An “Elective” Abortion Saturday, Oct 6 2012 

This is an example of pro-choice liberals twisting the meaning of words, to suit their pro-abortion agenda. 

A Twitter conversation I had recently with an @LeahNTorres, an abortionist, resulted in the following tweets.

imageYeah, we know it’s all about the woman’s life already.  They intentionally kill their unborn babies to preserve their “lifestyle”, not their life. 

And then there was this tweet.  Judah tried to school me on what “elective” is.image

Apparently, he didn’t read the Wiki he cited. More on that in a minute.

So according to Dr. Abortionist, a c-section not performed out of medical necessity, i.e. not having a medical indication, is an elective surgical procedure, but an abortion which is not performed out of medical necessity, and with no medical indication, is not an elective surgical procedure?  Sure, in her pro-abort mind maybe.

The wiki her friend links to is here.  Obviously he didn’t read it first.

Elective surgery or elective procedure (from the Latin eligere, meaning to choose[1]) is surgery that is scheduled in advance because it does not involve a medical emergency.

Abortion is rarely (or never) performed because of a medical emergency.

Elective surgeries include all optional surgeries performed for non-medical reasons, i.e., cosmetic surgery. They also include most surgeries necessary for medical reasons.

So yeah, abortion is most definitely an elective surgical procedure.  They are pre-scheduled, and not medically necessary.  But who trusts Wiki right?  What does a medical dictionary say about elective surgeries? 


“Beneficial to the patient but not essential for survival”

What’s the benefit to the patient?  She doesn’t have to be responsible for the life she took part in creating.image

Surgeons perform elective surgeries every day. Some, like you, take the entire lifetimes of others by performing elective abortions.  I wonder how many lifetimes she’s stolen so far?

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